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Auto Park Cube

The Auto-Park Cube is the most efficient product we design. 


Our Auto-Park Cube requires 24x20m footprint which returns the ability to stack 144 cars.

Full_Cube_Design_2023-Jul-05_03-17-17AM-000_CustomizedView38937469798 (2).png


Our Auto-Park Cube can be customized to fit your purpose. For example we can add an extra Traverse to the cube to double the speed of vehicle retrieval.

Low Emissions & Environmentally Friendly

Our parking system is one of the greenest car parks available in the market. Using electric mechanics and not hydraulics helps us achieve a low-energy output.

AutoPark HalfCube

The Auto-Park HalfCube is perfect for apartment complexes and spaces that only have a small footprint.


Cost Effective 

Auto-Park can park up to eight times the number of vehicles that may be parked on a conventional surface car park, resulting in increased revenue for the parking operator.


All cells are built to specific dimensions and constructed in kit set form, enabling the addition of more car parks when required. The modular nature enables assembly on location, resulting in short installation and commissioning times. 

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